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Dance is Everywhere: The Weather Wizard on CW Network’s The Flash

My particular flavor of #dancelove manifests in moments of surprise when normal movement transforms into dance right before my eyes. It can happen just seeing someone descend a flight of stairs, doing work around the house, or  just walking down the street. It can literally happen anywhere. Sometimes they feel like mini-miracles, like I have stumbled upon a secret treasure. They don’t happen everyday but probably happen for me more than they do for most other people.


I got one of my mini-miracles recently while indulging in one of my guilty pleasures. I was watching the CW Network’s The Flash. I am more dance nerd than comic book nerd but I have grown to really like this show after discovering it a while back. It even has a few Broadway stars in it. Jesse L. Martin from Rent is a main character and Victor Garber who has done numerous shows on Broadway is a recurring cast member. Other than that, there are a few other regular characters and many guests who appear each week.


Most of the guests play villains that The Flash, with the help of his family, and colleagues must defeat. There have been many of them and Mark Mardon, played by Liam McIntyre, is one. As a normal human, Mardon was a petty criminal but after his metamorphosis into super villain, gained the power to control weather. Hence his super villain name, The Weather Wizard. McIntyre is classically handsome. I mean he has the kind of face that could be on the cover of a historical romance novel. This irony makes him more intriguing as a villain. The other interesting thing about him is that while many villains activate their powers with an assortment of death stares or perfunctory gesticulations, The Weather Wizard is all fluid, forceful, physicality. There is a word that I often heard in dance classes and heard in the few acting classes I’ve taken and that is intention. It is what transforms words and actions into art. McIntyre masters it here and it results in a beautiful contrast to the rest of the action on the screen. When he starts to move, we know something not just big, but biblical, is about to happen. He uses his body, mainly his arms and hands to conjure storms, tsunamis, fog, etc, from the ether.


I would love to see this actor on Dancing With The Stars! I spliced together a couple of his scenes into the 1 min clip below.