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Julian Mackay Joins Select Group of Americans to Graduate From Bolshoi Ballet Academy

Julian Mackay is the most recent of a small, select group of Americans to graduate from the prestigious Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Founded over two hundred years ago, the Bolshoi Ballet Academy is one of the oldest and most highly regarded training ground for ballet in the world. Mackay joins just three other Americans- Joy Womack, Mario Labrador, and Maria Theresa Beck as US graduates of the famed institution.
He is now a member of the Mikhailovsky Ballet in St. Petersburg as its youngest soloist. The eighteen year-old Montana native was quoted on the NYC Dance Project site saying that his inspirations are his sisters and the documentary Born To Be Wild: Leading Men of American Ballet Theater. Check him out in the video directed by Charles Thompson below. The gorgeous music is Oecologia by Benjamin Faugloire Project. It’s available on Itunes, Spotify, and Tidal.


***This article was updated 6/3/2016 to reflect the number of dancers who have graduated from Bolshoi Ballet Academy.