Love this dance literature from recreational dancer Mars Gomez who has been on the house dance scene (NYC) from the beginning. His words always epitomize what I personally feel house dance represents. 

The post is from his Facebook and was posted March 19, 2017 since I was unable to share on FB for some reason, I am placing it here. W/image from FB for attribution. 

I would love to hear others’ stories about dance and their feelings about dance in the same form- just raw and sincere. Follow recreariomaldancers on Facebook or twitter or email me at

Anyway, enjoy!!

Wow, I was a mere 16 going on 17 when I went to Shelter Hubert st it was the second or third party ever and I had the time of my life!

To experience that feeling and time coming from WildPitch and The Loft party (at Choice) and loving all of it is truly, priceless!

I really miss those days but I wouldn’t change a thing cause I experienced the good old days and we got to party in real club spaces back then!!!

I love HOUSE music 🎶 to death.

About to hit 29yrs next month in this beautiful scene and will continue to do so as long as God almighty allows me to do so. 

To me it doesn’t matter where we have been but since that first Shelter party I went till today I have always been excited to go, I love the vibe that only Shelter can bring!

Mars, RedZone, SoundFactory, WildPitch and The Loft were all great experiences and I love them too make no mistake about it but going to Shelter is a whole other feeling all by its self, facts!!!

I’m blessed werd!!!

I love dancing and the people who really know me know this as facts.

I will always be a Shelter kid (101 class) and proud of it, we know how to party!!!

Thank you Timmy Regisford and crew from the led school brothers to the new school and everyone in between who have made it happen for the last 26yrs and may we all have the chance to celebrate many more Shelter party’s again with God’s will!

Peace and love to all the real Shelter heads and to those who enjoy the party!!!

Tonight we dance and show the world 🌎 that we know how to dance and party!!!

To all the fallen angels 👼 you will all be there in spirit and that’s priceless!!!

Magic is in the air can you feel it, I know I can, facts!!!

See y’all on the dance floor happy anniversary to all!!!


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