Best Dance Ever!

"Tik-Toc" by Kesha choreographed by Eddie Villanueva
“Tik-Toc” by Kesha choreographed by Eddie Villanueva
I have a confession to make… I once left work early in order to make it to a dance class that I usually would not be able to make. Why? Well that week we were doing a routine that I really, really, really liked! It was a few years ago and the song itself that we were doing was pretty popular. It was Kesha’s Tik-Toc. Although I wasn’t initially on the Tik-toc bandwagon, just because of the song itself or because everyone else seemed to like it, after doing the routine, I got into it. Yes, the tune was catchy, but there was more to it. The choreography was challenging and cute, the lyrics of the song were evocative and escapist, the beat just sort of carried the listener along, and the make-up of the class at that time was just really cool. Although there is usually a core group of people in classes, many tend to come and go. We had a sort of “group chemistry” at that particular point. I suppose perhaps it was probably also simply a good week for me after an unfortunate succession of really bad ones but at this point, that is pure speculation. Anyway, I found the routine online and wanted to post it.

Here is the youtube link-

Although this post and associated posts on Facebook etc. will be called best routine ever, don’t rack your brain. I just want you to come up with the routine that strikes you as having been just a really great experience in the past year so. So tell me, what has been the most memorable routine that you’ve done in the past few years and why? Did you just like the song a lot or was there something in particular about the class at the time or technique that was taught? If you have video of the routine, please post to my Facebook page Recreational Dancers!


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