Location, Location, Location: New Dance Studio Makes It Even Easier For Some Dance Lovers To Get To Class


photo- Robyn Baltzer

Even though many  recreational dancers like to take most of their classes at the gym, we also love exploring new opportunities to take dance classes in different settings. If you are one of them (and I know you are), have I got news for you! There is a brand, spanking new dance studio that opened up this week in New York City.  The Spot Dance Center opened its doors this week.

It is a nice mix of familiar instructors from Broadway Dance Center and Peridance with some new but equally talented faces. The offerings reflect the make-up of the staff with a lot of club style and street style genres with which we are familiar such as Locking, Breaking, and Waacking and some interesting newer styles- i.e.Boogie Fusion and New Style Hustle.

What is of note as well about this new facility is that it is located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, making it easier for some of us dance fans to get to and from class. Many Brooklyn-based dance lovers will also d=find the location to their liking as well as it is just over the bridge! Apart from that, it is always great to just have plain old more choices of dance classes in the city each day.


Check out this new spot and tell us what you think!


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